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planning consultancy

The planning system is fraught with complexity and uncertainty. Whether you need an appraisal of application and survey requirements for your project, or more specific professional input on Planning Statements, Sustainability Appraisals, Sequential & Exception Tests, and similar appraisal and documentation exercises, we'll support you to minimise costs and delays by getting it right first time. We're able to offer this support for minor and major planning applications, as well as for planning appeals by written representations and public inquiry.

planning project management

For larger and more complex projects, or just when you need to have the detail handled for you, we can undertake to project manage the whole team for your planning application - identifying and managing all the relevant specialist inputs to ensure the application is delivered on-time, in-budget, and in accordance with your requirements.

sustainability consultancy

Whether you need expert input on the sustainability credentials of your development proposal, or more broadly are in need of advice, mentoring, strategy development, or other sustainability-related support for your business, product, or project, we offer a broad and deep range of expertise in the 'three pillars' of sustainability - offering holistic advice and appraisal to support you in tackling the big issues of the day.

green buildings assessment

We're accredited by the IFC, part of the World Bank Group, to conduct 'EDGE' green buildings assessments of existing properties and development proposals - calculating how well your building performs against local baselines for energy and water efficiency, as well as embodied carbon. We are also able to offer support in obtaining formal certification according to the EDGE standards, to contribute to planning requirements as well as qualify proposals for green finance products and ESG investment portfolios.

who we are

Todd Olive

A double-graduate in Global Sustainable Development, Todd's professional expertise spans sustainability, town planning, and the broader property and construction sector - on top of a strong academic background covering all aspects of sustainability, ranging from the environmental science of the Climate Crisis to holistic thinking and leadership for sustainable development.

Todd's experience in the planning sector covers a multitude of angles. As a planning agent, Todd has worked on major and minor schemes across residential, commercial, and industrial projects, with a specialism in sustainability appraisal. In his own time, Todd has also been involved in planning policy development at Parish and District level, as well as advocated on behalf of the community and residents on major planning applications - including as an advisor to and expert witness for a 'Rule 6' party at inquiry stage.
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